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New York's "list of 31 genders"

see new york and their new 31 official genders.

yeah, i wondered what this nonense about an "official list of genders" was about, and, oh boy, i found it!

you would expect some sort of legal document, right? like a "New York Gender Law" which states something like "here are the 31 genders you have to respect" followed by a list of bulletpoints. that's what you would think if you heard the idiots talk, right?

well, guess what? it's about the backside of a flyer, that happens to have listed some vagely gender-related term written on the back (without forther context). as a graphics person, i would guess it was probably co-designed by an insistent person with no taste whatsoever. i imagine it was originally meant to be written relatively subtly as a decorative element, kinda like a word cloud an then to co-designer was like "this is too hard to read! make it bold and give it this weird steel blue we decided on! and make stupid random gradients in the background because of the spectrum of genders!". that's what i imagine, anyway. :P

but yeah, this is the magical "list of 31 genders". you can't make that shit up..

here is a comprehensive analysis about the reaction to this flyer.

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