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from my experience, these people tend to refuse to use the term "gender" or treat it as a synonym for "sex". and anything that is clearly cultural is seen as very superficial.

and is gender "rooted" in biology? weelll.. it's rooted in lot's of things: reproductive technologies and lack thereof, knowledge and superstition*, but also temporary and permanent influences of sex hormones on the brain, yeah.. (also not how none of these thisngs explicitely calls for a binary..)

*: such as reliable birth control, which seemed to play a large role in the sexual revolution of the 70s. and this was only hormone pills. just imagine what biotech may bring..

**: see for example the ancient belief that a woman's womb is basically a flower pot for the male "seed". or the strict categories of mosaic law that called everything that seemingly violated them (such as pigs, shellfish, mixed fabrics or homosexuality) as "unclean".

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