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@gingerglue isnt there enough propaganda bullshit on soup already? what the fuck is a "metabolism killer" even supposed to be? sugar -> thing most of the metabolism runs on, okay, so that's an effect. caffeine -> speed up some metabolism, okay. packaged foods -> yeah well most people remove the packaging. shilling for "organic" foods, which generally have no proven health benefits, and against GMOs which have no demonstrated ill effects. soy -> an excellent source of protein which a few people are alleric to. skipping meals-> is perfectly fine, people should eat whenever they feel like it, there is no proven benefit to having a regular food schedule or eating more than one meal a day. it's a whole load of nonsense disguised as health advice. and even if you wanted to promote some of the claims made here, at least try to find something that that at leats lists some scientific evidence, however weak, okay? (and yes, i could have been less lazy and find sources for my claims but also what has been stated without evidecence can be dismissed without evidence)

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