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the boxes scroll by, just like text would.. it seems you are concerned that they would need a lot of resources (?), but i really don't know why.. for finished processes the overhead over a normal backlogs seems super tiny. it's just a sting, that happens to be rendered with a box around it..

and for the running processes, the overhead would be like a tab or tmux pane or probably less actually. a tab needs a full shell process in it, whereas my boxes probably wouldn't need any, or maybe like a little stub of a shell, i don't know exactly how unix stuff works.

and remote controlled computers seems like a gaping security hole. data coming in from a network interface should only be able to cause very specific things. all related processes should have minimal privileges. not user-level and hell-not root-level. if you wanna access a computer from everywhere, just carry it around with you. that also mitigates evil maid attacks.

i dunno, i've seen a bit of admin-stuff during my training and i decided that i hate everything about it. :P

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