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sorry i go annoyed and also lost my first reply. then i though i would make an audio reply and then i decided that i didn't like it. so here is a more-or-less transcript..

i said it's disinformation because it tries to imply that there would be an a legally binding list of 31 "officialy approved genders" or something. and instead it's a sequence of vaguely gender-related terms with no further context. an nobody* fucking says that butch, femme or drag are "genders". and the whole point of nonbinary activism is that there should not be discrete, mutually exclusive and socially enforced "genders", without denying that people and society express, percieve and process notion of gender.

*: probably somebody, somewhere, at some point in history

an the second part of the outrage is precisely about the fact that transgender people are considered in anti-discrimination-laws. and the easiest way to do that is to portray them as people who constantly make outrageous demands to me treated in extremly unusual ways, just because they either want to annoy people or are delusional. but then again, one could assume that about any other group protected by anti-discrimination-laws..

wowza. you're only one step away from just outright naming it "reeducation camp". what you wrote there is truly terrifying.

if that's your first association for "rationality training".. but yeah, i do oppose coercive indoctrination, including coercive schooling. it's pretty much diametrically opposed to what i had in mind..

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