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i'd say "paprika" in german is both an umbrella term for all "peppers" on the right side as well as more specific for bell-peppers ("gemüsepaprika"). also your spelling of chili/chilli is a bit non-uniform. i'm also a bit unsure about the german side of pepperoni/chilli and about one could be an umbrella term for the other? i don't know "peperoni" makes me think of very small very spicy things that grow in a small shrub that one can have in a flower pot.. but maybe that's just how my father uses it. ^^;

also there are other species of piper than black pepper used as spices, but perhaps they are not that relevant in german speaking countries?

also i would un-capitalize the english words or at least capitalize them all. ^^

also: "Cayenne" not "Cayene"

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