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> "gramatrical gender comes from pronouns"
first: huh? second: nowhere does it claim that. it says "gender describes pronouns; pronouns do not describe gender!".

wtf else is "gender describes pronouns" supposed to mean, then?

no. imagine a two piece puzzle. if i only have one of the pieces i can still say something about the shape of the other (human universals - culturual observations = cultural differences).

yeah, they complement each other, one of them kinda starts there the other stops. they do not replace each other. if you try to study and compare programming languages, studying computer architectures is pretty much the wrong place to start, even tho it might occasionally be helpful. there is no reasn to not study culture directly as opposed to just speculate on what it could be like on the basis of evo psych.

please give me a concrete example of something that you can explain with some sort of "gender theory" better than i can with other tools.

okay, so let's say there is a stranger you interact with. even if you are a totally enlightened individual, you still will make some differences based on gender. for example the grammatical gender and perhaps title you use referring to them. now, you didn't examine their genitals, much less their genes or their brains, you just have a few visual cues, many of them artificial, others changeable with some effort. you couldn't tell much detail about their sex but still be pretty certain of their gender. let's go a step further and say that you don't see them, you just hear others talk about them, let's say you join the conversation and use the same gender signifies for them that anyone else is using. these are the way gender proliferates: culturally, or memetically if you will. (insert rare Richard Dawkins Pepe here)

and of course these are pretty mild forms of gendering, perhaps with very little consequence. but that isn't always the case. gender might decide that a person cannot vote or has to wear a burqa. people who practice that couldn't give you a meaningful biological explanation for that (because there obviously isn't one), but that probably won't bother them too much..

for more information you might as someone who actually knows more about gender studies, because i don't.. :P

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