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the conclusion is literally "our pronouns are sexed, not “gendered” " and "gender describes pronouns; pronouns do not describe gender!".

yeah but the 'conclusion' is wrong (as i pointed out before, plus there are languages with gendered articles and verbs as well, so "gramatrical gender comes from pronouns" clearly backwards) and seems to come out of nowhere.

exactly the confusion the article bemoans. just saying "neurological sex" is completely sufficient and using the term gender here is superfluous, as you even alluded to ("count it more as sex than gender.").

well if there would be agreement that social gender somehow wouldn't be a thing, then there would be no confusion with neurological sex/gender anyway, so no reason not to use "gender" for that..

also while social gender and grammatical gender are not the same, they tend to coicide.

i don't need gender to talk about that, cause there's evolutionary psychology with which i can additionally even talk about what unites all cultures ("human universals").

evo psych would be pretty much only be able to talk about human universals, wouldn't it. it would measure pretty much exactly the wrong thing if you are looking at differences between cultures. and even if evo psych were suited for that, that woudln't make the term of social gender any less applicable.. the origin would still be cultural..

... so ... gender is an amalgamation of sex and culturual differences? that's what i get but i hardly think you'd agree with that summary.

well, not all of sex and not all of cultural differences of course. the cultural phenonena of course are ones that mostly correlate with sex traits or properties percieved as such, even tho it may not be exactly clear which traits these are as a person might be gendered differently depending on culture..

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