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ad 1: the main point was: pronouns describe sex, not gender (unlike what the sjw narrative suggests)

not really, it gave example of grammatical gender being unrelated to sex. "Der Tisch" und "Die Schiene" doesn't describe the sex of these things, but neither the social gender, of course. additionally some languages use gramatical gender in ways that don't come close to anything about sex (such as wether it is animate or not)

ad 2: not evil to the article, but probably willfully dishonest to propagate the unscientific notion of a "blank slate"

sounds pretty evil to me..

(can highly recommend steven pinker's book with this title) and social constructionism.

i'm not reading many books these days but from what i watched Steven Pinker seems to have a pretty reasonable stance on gender issues. i would be pretty suprised if he said something like that there would be nothing socially constructed about gender..

i'd like you to please give me your preferred definition of "gender". thanks.

well, i think "gender" can best be understood as an amalgamation of two related concepts: neurological sex/gender and social gender:

the first is about brain structure and function, in particular the aspects that are influenced by sex hormones (hence i find it reasonable to count it more as sex then as gender. but that is mostly just me, i guess..). this is what makes transsexuals different from cissexuals of the same birth sex. it's probably fairly polarized and not an equally distributed spectrum but it's not 1-dimensional or binary. for example sexual orientation seems also to be largely developed in the womb and shaped by sex hormones, but a trans-man is not the same as a lesbian..

social gender on the other hand is what varies between cultures and is what gender studies is largely about. wether it is binary or not seems to depend on the culture in question, there certainly are traditional cultures with more than 2 social genders. and i see no reason why it could not be handles as a spectrum or maybe even something more complex. or maybe cultures don't really need gender roles.. i think in a liberal society these things should be determined by peaceful discourse.

what do you think one can't talk about without using the concept of "gender" but only describing things via sex?

at the very least everything i listed under social gender. but the conservative agenda seems to push a whole lot further than just that..

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