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so basically..

  1. social gender is not the same as grammatical gender. just in case anyone didn't already know that.. i guess when english is the only language you know you might get that idea..
  2. social gender was invented by evil feminists to confuse people. therefore 'we' should stick to our preconcieved notions and pretend 'we' have them from biology.
  3. was there anything else?

but yeah, i suppose people who think that social gender is somehow not a thing, might as well not use the word. i've seen a discussion (i think it was with Contra) where Blaire White said her gender was male, which seems to suggest that she uses the term synonymously with "apparent sex at birth". or maybe she has like a really sophisticated theory of gender that i just never heard her mention..

but it's still pretty unsure what it would mean for social gender not to exists. what's the reason then for dresses being considered 'feminine'? i can't help but think that that the whole purpose of this is just to not discuss gender issues..

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