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i really don't see the connection you describe.

don't get me wrong, i think it's it's a failure of anarcho-capitalism to discuss limits and conditions for property, but they are fairly clear in that you cannot own people. after all, why else wouldn't the state be the owner of it's subjects, and therefore justified to it's rule?

the main failure of our misogynist moron here is pretty clearly that he doesn't consider women to be people. you can't derive that from anacap-ideology. i guess anarcho-capitalism is attractive to alt-righters because if fit's in their scheme of rebelling against a supposedly leftist mainstream, by parroting basically conservative state-capitalist propaganda turned up a notch. i guess their "free market" less of a moral principle (or it's consequence) and more of an excuse for the status quo (ignoring state intervention and spending, i guess)..

and the notion that "you deserve what you made" is very common, and a core idea in marxism and actually rejected by some anacaps, because it is not clear what it means to "have made" something*. (their alternative is "first appropriation" which i don't think really works, what's the criterion to count something as 'appropriated' if you don't even have to do anything to it? what prevents me from claiming the moon as my own? besides the encosure movement seems to be a good case against that principle leading to harmful outcomes: it gives incentive to claim everything you can claim even it that reduces the overall value of that thing. i think property is something that won't ever be straightforward and free societies would probably differ quote a bit in how it's organised. i'd like basic income paid by property fees.)

*: i happened to read most of "Against Intellectual Property" recently, which made this point from an anacap perspective. i'm not sure if it's really a recommended read, it's a lot of quote dropping and kinda repetitive. i guess one can demostrate pretty much every aspect of the madness of "intellectual property" in 2 pages tops. but the book isn't all that long and there is a gratis pdf/epub and audio book on mises.org.. :P

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