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death is crap

"Something better than death we can find anywhere." - Town Musicians of Bremen.

i find this really important, as it pretty much stopped me to seriously consider suicide.
death is not an exit, it doesn't make me go anywhere. i'd just break. i'd become a corpse. just think about how useless and boring corpses are. really. it's not hard to do better than a corpse.
death is not sleep, that's a horrible, superficial analogy. i sleep to refresh myself, to keep the amazing thought machine in my head going. i'm a weird monkey thing, smart, even by monkey standards. part of a weird civilization on a weird planet. and i can grasp parts of how weird it is. and at times it makes me sad. horribly sad. but i can put this sadness to use. i can change things. and at least i can try. a lot of people have done great things by trying. many of them were often sad, just like me.

death may perhaps be inevitable, even if it's just because the universe dies. but that just means that it won't run away. it has noting worthwhile to offer. it's ok to be afraid of it, because it's a very bad thing. but there are moments i can enjoy like death wouldn't even be real. isn't that a great way to show your disrespect for death? i think it is.
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